THREADING: Ancient method of hair removal. With a thin thread, one will skillfull remove all unwanted hair from anywhere on the face, no matter how fine or thick it is, and it will eventually begin to grow in thinner and slower.


Diamond  Facial:  This facial will remove impurities from the skin. It will help to radiate the skin. It will rejuvinate the skin. It helps to even up uneven skin tones.

Gold  Facial: This facial will help to activate the process of cell renewal. It will help to rejuvinate the skin. Removes toxins caused by sun bathing. Rich in oxygen.

Euorpen Facial : deep cleaning single treatment facial that improves the look of the skin.

Skin Brigh tening:Helps to cleans the skin of sun damage and over all discoveration

Microdermabrasion: sloughs off dead dull surface layer of skin and stimulates the growth of collagen with continued treatments as well as acne and blackhead removal.

Head message

We provide relaxing head message with or without essential oils and ask us for special herble for minor migrane headache.

Eyelash extension

Nose and Ear pericings

Henna tattoos